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Corn Maze Attractions

Alcorntraz / Zombie Paintball Slayer

Fritzler Corn MAiZE is excited to offer a one of a kind paintball adventure!

In 1963, AlCorntraz Island, home to over 300 prisoners closed and the inmates were sent to other federal facitlities. It is said no-one ever escaped, but there are those who made it to Fritzler Farms!

Be the hunter not the hunted as you load the bus equipped with paintball guns and travel through the corn fields to the an area loaded with targets and props.

At Night, customers will have the excitement of hunting for an escaped prisoner or two as well as Zombies who wandered away from Scream Acres!


Vertigo is the sensation of dizziness or movement, even though you are not moving. This can best be described by someone standing atop a large building, looking up to the sky, seeing the clouds go by, and feeling as if the whole building is moving – although it is not.

Some people have brief instances of vertigo, brought on by an outside stimulus (like our example above). Others have a permanent condition of vertigo where they feel dizzy all the time.

The Verti-Scope attraction recreates the feeling of vertigo for fun!

Jumbo Jumper Air Pillow

The latest buzz at the Fritzler maze are the two huge, multi-colored pillows located in the courtyard.

The Jumbo Jumper Air Pillows are guaranteed fun for all ages. Come on down, take off your shoes, and race out onto the Jumping Pillows to hop around with your family and friends!

They are a one-of-a-kind bouncing experience sure to bring out the trampoline-lover in everyone.

The Hay Climb!

Children will love climbing on the large bales of straw that are piled high! Open to children under 10 years old.

Spider Web

Open to children 10 and under – Children can climb, maneuver, and scramble over a large net.

Slide Mountain

Features seven different slides and is open to all ages day and night.

Ball Zone

New in 2014! The Ball Zone will give patrons a carnival like opportunity to shoot baskets, toss a football or pitch a baseball. Open to all ages.

Pig Races

Your family will “squeal” watching our fast-paced pack of porkers race to the finish line. Join in the fun and see if you can pick the pig that will win it all! Three entertaining heats per race, SUUEEE EEE how do they run so fast?